Job Description

Job Posting: Transition Case Manager 

Looking for an individual with knowledge of DIDD and Choices Program(s). The Transition Coordinator must be able to articulate program values to potential members, natural supports and external stakeholders. Have the technical knowledge and competence to recruit, complete observations of potential members and complete the transition process.

Duties include but not limited to:
• Complete initial member observations
• Coordinate fmp and member meet and greets
• Coordinate discharge meeting
• Coordinate and facilitate agency transition meeting
• Create member profile in PHS
• Establish member home and office book
• Provide and/or schedule member transportation to FMP home
• Schedule mover and/or assist with member move
• Complete Day of Transition process and welcome packets
• Facilitate and Coordinate agency respite request
• Complete monthly referral tracking spreadsheet

SALARY: $35,000.00

This person must be flexible in their availability. PLEASE SUBMIT A RESUME WHEN YOU REPLY !

Skills / Requirements

Bachelor Degree
Valid Driver's License.
Online training
CPR and First Aid
Pass a background check
Pass a drug scree