Job Description

Position Summary:
This is a Work from "HOME" position three (3) days a week. Looking for an individual with knowledge of DIDD and Choices Program(s). The Family Model Recruiter is expected to know and adhere to Group Effort’s policies and procedures, and Teaching Family Association Standards of Service, philosophies, and goals. Technical knowledgeable and competence in the Teaching Family Model training, consultation, and evaluation systems is essential in order to recruit and evaluate potential Family Model Providers and members appropriate to be enrolled into the program.

Duties include but not limited to:
• Establish networking with third party referral sources
• Assist with the referral intake
• Conducts initial observations and protest to viability in a family model or supported living program or other services offered by the agency.
• Creating Family Model Profiles
• Documentation (weekly contacts, etc.)
• Complete Home assessments/ survey of family model providers
• Maintain and monitor agency trends for referrals and recruiting FMP and agency staff
• Establish and maintain method of receiving feedback regarding recruiting efforts and tracking trends
Marketing and Public Relations
• Establish and maintain marketing and networking strategies this includes using media such as: (social media, newsletters, App(s) and website development)
• Establish and directing Public Relation campaign(s)
• Serves as representative for agency in local, state and national organizations and in communication with recruiting sources, such as but not limited job fairs , colleges and universities, trade schools, career centers , etc…
• Consistently assess strengths and weaknesses of the agency and gives feedback to improve.

This person must be flexible in their availability. PLEASE SUBMIT A RESUME WHEN YOU REPLY !

Salary: $27,500.00-$31,500.00 per year

This position requires a bachelor's degree.
Valid Driver's License.
Online training
CPR and First Aid
Pass a background check
Pass a drug screen

Please send resume with reply



Application Instructions

send your resume to: or fax 615-216-2168

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